Frequently Asked Questions

How should Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup be stored?

Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is shelf stable until opened. After opening, store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness for up to three months.

How much Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup should be consumed daily?

Elderberry syrup is made with honey. Barring dietary restrictions or autoimmune disorders* it may be used as liberally as desired. Traditional wisdom has encouraged inclusion of 1T/day for adults and 1t/day for children in support of wellness.

*Individuals with autoimmune disorders should consult with their practitioners regarding the regular use of elderberry syrup as it can have the unintended consequence of causing the immune system to further overreact.

How long will a pint of Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup last me?

One 16 oz jar of Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup will generally last about one month (32 days) for one adult when consumed at a rate of 1 tablespoon per day.

What size are the Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup containers?

Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is available in 16 oz glass pint jars.

How and where is Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup made?

Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is handcrafted in small batches, 3 gallons at a time, in a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen in Western North Carolina.

Is it normal to see sediment on the bottom of the Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup jar?

Yes, Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is strained but not filtered, so is it normal to see fine particles settling at the bottom of the jar. Swirl gently to redistribute.

Can diabetics consume Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup?

Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is sweetened with honey which contains fructose, glucose, and carbohydrates which affect blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consider this prior to consuming.

What are the ingredients in Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup?

All whole food ingredients. Water, elderberries, honey, ginger, cinnamon, clove, organic lemon juice, 2% by volume.

Can I use Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup as a pancake syrup?

The consistency of Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup is very light and often better suited for consuming as is, or using as an additive to other beverages like juices, soda water, and mixed drinks. For use on pancakes, you may find that it works better if you bring it to a simmer in a saucepan until a thicker consistency is reached.

What are some fun ways to enjoy Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup?

There are a myriad of ways that you can enjoy Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup. Our syrup adds rich flavor and nutrients to teas, lemonade, sparkling water, and smoothies. It can also be combined with fruit juice and frozen into popsicles, added to applesauce and fruit leather, used to create healthful gummies and makes a fantastic mixer for cocktails and mocktails. Visit our recipes page for more great ideas!

Can a child under 1 year old consume Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup?

No. Pediatricians recommend waiting until babies are at least 12 months of age before introducing honey.

Is Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup organic?

The elderberries for our Elderberry Brew Syrup are sourced locally* in Western North Carolina from within a 50-mile radius of Asheville. And while our network of property owners do not spray the berries with conventional pesticides, the berries are not considered organic by the legal definition.

Can I order pints of Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup for home/office delivery?

Yes, home or office delivery within Buncombe County can be arranged free of charge on dates I service your region of town. Same day requests may be possible for an added $5 delivery fee. Visit our shop page to order.

Can you ship Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup pints to me?

Yes! We ship both our Elderberry kits and our 16 oz bottles. Visit our shop page to order.

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